Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Meeting People

One of the perks of traveling is meeting people. Sometimes you meet the most interesting people at your hotel. People are there for travel, leisure, luxury, modeling, and who knows what else. I have met a guy who was a hard core republican, another guy who travels 90% of his life, and every once in a while you met a special few girls that travel 1/3 of the year, to the same place and same hotel.

These two wonderful women met at the hotel bar, not by chance, but by the bar tenders. Every time they came to the Hyatt Magnificent Mile they would sit at the bar and drink alone. The bar tender noticed this and introduced the two ladies. Since then, they have been best friends at the Hyatt when they travel.

Can you imagine? Every single week traveling to the exact same location, to the same hotel, and the same bar tender? Crazy. Never the less, these ladies taught me something about traveling. When you're a professional traveler, you aren't on vacation, you aren't visiting, and you most definitely aren't foreign..... you are home. When you travel a lot, you have to accept that this is your life. Meaning, no matter how hectic, you have to come up with routines, normalities, and make friends. As crazy as these two women were, they taught me that "life" is not a location, people, or even experiences-- It's YOU. This thought is not in a selfish way, rather; it's a different way to look at how to become happy with the cards that life has given you.

Traveling is my life. I came, I saw, I travel.

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