Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Another a new adventure

The lights turn on. The man opens his eyes abruptly.
Good evening everyone, we have now started our decent into San Francisco International airport. Flight attendants, please prepare the cabin.
The sudden shock of being awoken starts the mans mind again.
What a nice sleep. I wonder if it's too late to get a drink. Nope. Thank you first class! oh man, why am I going to this destination again? His thoughts begin to fill his mind again...
The man looks out at the beautiful glow of the bay skyline in the dark.... an amazing achievement of mankind. The man had finally found home among the clouds, but the man's life was yet again changing. Work was changing how they do business and the man's home was slowly changing to a darkened apartment away from the clouds.

When your home is in a immovable structure, continuing relationships around the world becomes increasingly tougher and the man knew this. This trip to San Francisco was not for business this time, it was to find an immovable home. A home that grounded him.
Flight attendants please take your seats
The man takes a deep breath. knowing change is emanate, he sets his mind on making a home on the ground.

8 Weeks later

"I need to get up into the air. It's been nearly 8 weeks!"
The man argues with his manager. Alas, his manager caves and gets him into the clouds again.

Like an old friend, the TSA agent greets the man at security. Like a pro, the man continues through security in a matter of minutes. The club lounge feels like a warm hug to the man. Everything he needs for the comfort of the road, healthy snacks, cushy seats, chargers, drinks, wifi, ticketing help, business rooms, and most importantly, peace and quiet.

While the man sits in peace waiting for his flight, there's a moment of hesitation. Normally the man finds fun things to do-- code, watch the news, text friends, watch movies, and most importantly figure out what fun things he'll due at his next destination. His mind was in disarray though, the infrastructure of blocks and barriers to normal life had been whittled away from the normality of an everyday immovable home. The man was lost, confused, and at a loss.
I need to get groceries when I get back. I still need to furnish my immovable home and get my address changed. License. Registration. Register to vote. I need to find a new place to bike. I wonder if there is a local group I can join?
What is this? The man has not felt these feelings in years. Heck, the man drove from his immovable home to work and back the other day. The last time the man did that was nearly 5 years ago. The mans struggle was getting worse.
The moment I stop flying I'm stuck. Who the heck has the money to fly and see family and friends whenever they want? My miles are nearly depleted, I'm flying less for work, settling into this new immovable home. I'm stuck. I cannot move. This is what it feels like to be in the same area. how do I get out. What if I need to leave? What if I don't know anyone here? Can I even afford to move again? What have I done? If I'm not traveling, my life stops. Breath.
The mans anxiety raises. What is happening to the mans life? He had worked so hard in the last few years to fight the loneliness, the superficial conversations, and the loss of "home". The man now lies in a paradox that he just fought so hard to get out of. The man smiles,
There's never a dull moment in this thing we call life.
The man closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, looks out into the world and begins to embrace the reality that life that given him.

I came. I saw. I travel.

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