Friday, March 27, 2015

The flight is home

The time was 4:45pm on a Friday and the man was relaxing in a taxing feeling relieved of his efforts of the week. He though about the flawless execution of his recent delivery on the subject he teaches different companies around the country. The client was happy and finally knew the direction of execution they needed… something that had been lost through venders, teams, and confusion of the product. The man was content, relaxing in his taxi with all of his belongings headed to his home, the airport.

As the clock struck 5 o’clock the taxi arrived at the airport and the man thanked his taxi driver for the comfortable ride, he grabbed his lugged, and breathed in a sigh of relief while closing the taxi door.  He then started to focus on the task at hand, 
'I wonder if this airport has a lounge I can relax in peace and quiet in. Oh I’m gonna be real sad if they don’t have precheck, oh well, I’ll get through. I wonder if they have good seafood here. Oh I should text Rob and see if he’s around this weekend to catch up. Mom. Call mom. I can do that when I get into the lounge.'

The man dove deep into his thoughts while walking, 
'alright where is security? There, there it is. Oh! I should email my manager about that issue and maybe suggest the solution I have been thinking about. And I need to look into that cruise information. How cool would it be to travel for vacation? precheck. ‘why don’t you slide….’ Gosh this is a great song, I should really add it to my favorites. Crap, I’m next, better get my mobile app out with my pass. No I’m not a terrorist, hurry up I’m hungry.'

As the man entered the terminal, the man found a nice restaurant with some lighter food and a good whiskey selection. Best part about the restaurant was that it had wifi, SCORE! While enjoying his whiskey, the man was able to check his emails, follow up with colleagues, and start to answer some of the questions that the client had. His mind began to rush with thoughts, 
'I really should look into that idea, I bet thats a pain point for a lot of clients and just a good thing to read about. I should send out a pic and show everyone me enjoying my life at the airport!'

As the man receives his check for his meal, he realizes how much cheaper the bill is than what he was expecting. 
'I cannot believe this is my bill. I suppose I didn’t get the Glenlevich 12 yr this time, so it makes sense. I have plenty left so I can probably tip them at least 30%.. oh thats not enough, lets do 35%. Now, where is that club, I have relaxing to do.'

Terminal Announcement: Flight 2033 out of Gat B4 is delayed 35 minutes due to weather conditions"

'Sweet, more relaxing time in the club. Maybe I’ll meet a cool world traveler.'  
'I still don’t understand why I can’t just give them my member number to enter in the club. Awesome! they have some different snacks rather than the normal ones. Remember before snacks, lets grab and apple or two, then we’ll dig into the snacks. Alright, where’s the bar, there should be plenty of seating there and a few travelers to talk to.'

As the man orders a complimentary drink and opens his laptop to the free wifi, the bartender smiles and asks where he’s headed. Of course the man tells her how he’s headed to the city he lives in, but will be back on a plane on Monday, headed to a new destination. She then asks him, “What are you going to do when you’re home??” The man then begins to ponder the question, 
'Crap, now I have to come up with some answer that makes me sound interesting. Maybe I’ll say I’m going to hang out with friends. Or better yet, lets say I have a lot of work to catch up with. Oh man, what do people normally do on the weekends? Visit friends? Family? Drink? Go and explore? I do all that during the week and I'm so tired... I just want to sleep and be lazy this weekend. Maybe I’ll just say that this time, but I need to phrase it in a way that it doesn’t seem like I’m lonely where I live and am just waiting to get back in the air again….'

The man’s flight was about to board so the man paid his compliments to his bartender, said goodbye to his platonic friends he just made, and was on his way. Next up, to find his gate. 
'Alright, where’s those signs, ah B4 to the right. 4 minutes until boarding, no problem. Yep, there’s the lines for my flight… boarding group 2. I suppose I should smile at the people in the other boarding group. That guy and his wife look particularly stressed right now. I wish I could express how relaxing flying could be but they probably wouldn't believe me. Oh well, better get out my mobile boarding pass.'

As the man boards his plane, he looks around and smiles. He is continually amazed about flying and the complex process made easy to world travelers. To fly above the world and look down and to see civilization's amazing marvels and experience the awe that is collaborative expression in the world has always been a passion of the man and now he was living it regularly. 
'I wonder where that couple is going. They seemed like they were headed out to vacation but seemed stressed.. hang in there buddy, you’ll get there, just a bit further……. Ahhhh A window seat, a relaxing area of zen.'

The flight attendant comes on over the intercom, “Welcome aboard flight 2033, flight to…”

'Time for earphones. ♫'My baby don’t mess around because she loves me so and this i know for sure. But does she really wanna or can’t stand to see me walk out the door…. Cant stand to fight the feeling cuz the thought alone is killing me right now, thank God for mom and dad for sticking together because we don’t know howww ….. heeeey ahhhh, hey ahhh, hey ahhh, hey ahhhh…''
'Why are the lights still on, I just want the cabin to be dark….moving toward the runway, thank God, relaxation here I come. There’s the acceleration, I absolutely love the g-forces, it’s so relaxing, I’ll be out in no ti- …. zzzzzz'


I came, I saw, I travel

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