Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hanging out in a Valley

This last week I was in Salt Lake City. I don't have much to say about the trip in terms of traveling except the scenery. Growing up in the flat lands of Iowa, the mountains were absolutely surreal, so being able to see the mountains close up a valley, was simply breathtaking. When the sun set on the valley, the mountains simply glowed with awe, something that is just impossible to explain. The pictures below simply to not do the mountains justice but gives you an idea.
at times it can get so bad that it can be fatal to the elderly
I also learned a new type of weather while I was in the valley, inversion. Essentially with the lower pressure pollution can get trapped in a valley and in the Salt Lake City area, it can get pretty bad. When I was there I thought it was just fog, but I was told it was an inversion. Apparently at times it can get so bad that it can be fatal to the elderly. So if a bad inversion is happening the elderly don't leave their houses to avoid it until it lifts. Craziness... 

With that wonderful thought in your head, here's some pretty pictures.

I came, I saw, I travel.

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